Top 3 Ways the Covid-19 Coronavirus Has Impacted Dog Sales and Adoption in the United Kingdom

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected our lives but has touched every part of the human field and area. Whether poor or rich, healthy or un-healthy, everyone has been affected by the wave of Covid-19 Virus. Besides humans, even animals and pets life also had a great impact. If their sale is increasing in one part of the world, then in other part many pets have been abandoned and left without a house. This situation is also getting difficult for the animal shelters to handle.

Some of the ways and updated, animals have been affected are:

• In good news, according to some the dogs can smell and detect the Corona virus in people. The Durham University has started a program to train the dogs to detect the Covid-19 patient like they did with malaria patients. So far the response is good from people about this train program. Link:

• The animal shelters are facing a huge loss with around 90% reduction in their income. They are not allowing any more animals and if this situation goes on, they will be in a lot if trouble. The stress and anxiety is also leading to abuse and abandonment of the pets. Besides the income, the reduction in donations has also seen. Link:

• The increase in the pet rehoming and adopting is seen as the time is passing by. People are bored and want a company which leading to rise in pet sale. Though the charities are warning against it. Though there is not proof yet about the dogs and cats spreading the virus but people still need to be careful. Link: