Cost of Dogs in United Kingdom

UK is famous for keeping dogs and cats as pets. Most of such countries have animal rights and you have to pass through different procedures only for the adoption of the dog.

These adoptions procedures also have fees and besides this owning a dog can be expensive. Some of these costs can be optional and mostly depend upon the breed and the size of the dog. Mostly the adult dogs have less cost as compared to the puppies. Normally the annual cost of owning a dog in UK is £1,183.

The cost of owning a dog depend upon different factors, such as, the type and brand of the dog food , their training expenses, boarding fees, grooming sessions fees, vets appointment fees as well as extra costs like toys, collars, bowls, etc.

Some of the prices of the different dog breeds in UK are:

Akita Japanese: Price: £680. Seller: Florka. Age: 8 weeks. Link:

Black Pug: Price: £1300. Seller: Amie. Age: 7 weeks. Link:

Miniature Dachshund: Price: £1250. Seller: Gayle A. Age: 10 weeks. Link:

Doberman Pinscher Puppies: Price:£500. Seller: Donya. Age: 11 weeks. Link:

Pomeranian Puppies: Price: £1300. Seller: Katy. Age: 9 weeks. Link: