Top 3 Heartwarming News About Dogs During Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdown in the UK

The dogs and pets are a big source of uplifting the people spirit and keeping them sane in these times. Covid-19 has impacted a lot on every day routine of people and had lead to an increase in domestic and economic problems. This further have took people to depression and anxiety. There are small things that people try to find hope in.

Some of the heartwarming news about dogs during lockdown are:

• In a cute dog news, the group of dogs have been visiting the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to give company to the sea lions in the times of Covid-19 lockdown. Link:

• The cute pic circulating the internet has our heart when the dog became a best man in a wedding ceremony but stole the show. The bride and the golden retriever have a loving bond and the way the dog is staring at the bride with his paws in her hand is the sweetest moment for everyone. Link:

• One of the most helpful and loyal pet, dogs have been very helpful to their owners. Their acts of kindness is great as the dogs in Colorado is being used to deliver the food and necessary supplies to a neighbor in quarantine. It has been proved that animals and pets cannot catch Coronavirus. Link: