Top 4 Online Shops for Dog Food and Pet Supplies Based in The UK during Coronavirus Lockdown

The Lockdown because of the covid-19 Coronavirus has not only affected the lives of the people but had an impact on every step of life. From economy, financials to every field of inventions and politics. It has also affected the buying and selling phase of humans and people are not stuck to the online shopping. Many brands and stores offered the online services. There were quite few who also provided the vet and pet accessories online.

Some of the dog food and accessories online shops offering their service in lockdown are:

Zooplus: They are the biggest pet item supplier in the UK. They have every item for pets, including food, collars, beddings, etc. They offer you the best pet online shop experience. Link:

The Pet Shop: It is a one stop shop for your pets as it has every item for every type of pet. They also have a subscription box. Through this subscription they send you your required things regularly, with your pet’s diet plan in mind and also offer discounts on it. Link:

Pet Planet: They have everything from food for dogs and cats to flea solutions of your pets. Besides essential pet items, they also have dog and cat toys and accessories. They are open 24/7 with an active delivery service. Link:

Monster Pet supplies: It is a best online shop for every type of pet items. They have the best brand of items ant the wholesale rates. They have a user friendly website and they are always stocking up on every item needed. Link: