Top 5 Famous Actors with Dogs in the UK

Actors are a big source for the increased rate of dog adoptions and rescues. The love of actors for their pets and dogs can’t be measured. They like to keep dogs as well as glam them up.

Some of the famous celebrities from UK with their dogs are:

Lesley Nicole: The “Downtown Abbey” star owns 2 dogs named Freddie and Bertie. One is the Tibetan Terrier and the other is Poodle. She even knows the personalities of her dogs and can easily tell them apart. Link:

Carly Stenson: She is the “Holly-oaks” star and owns 2 Cockapoo pups. They are named Barney and Bailey and according to the actress both have different personalities. Link:

Hayley Tamaddon: She owns a Pug-Terrier cross named Frankie. She adopted him from the Dog’s Trust. She can still remember the first time she saw him and how weeded everywhere in excitement. Link:

Gemma Atkinson: This star from “Emmerdale” owns a Sproodle. It is a cross between Springer Spaniel and Poodle. He is named as Norman. Link:

Russell Watson: He owns 2 dogs. One is named Blaze, a rescued Greyhound Pup. The other dog is Shih Tzu, named Muffin, who always keeps the actor on his feet. Link: