Top 5 Famous Politicians with Dogs in the UK

Politicians always like to keep their dogs with them. This is the reason that they have been pictured many time spending time with their pets and dogs. Their dogs are the best way to keep them stress-free and give them a free time.

Some of the British politicians with their dogs are:

Peter Mandelson: This British Politicians has been pictured many times with his dog best friend, Bobby. Link:

Selwyn Lloyd: this British Chancellor of Exchequer owned a pet Labrador Retriever. He has been pictured with him many times. Link:

Phillip Hammond: This UK’s Chancellor owns 2 dogs, the Welsh Terrier Rex and the Dachsund Oscar. They even had an Instagram account by the name “terrier about town”. Link:

Mike Amesbury: He is the member of the parliament of UK. He owns a dog Cockapoo named Corbyn. His dog won the first prize in the Westminster Dog of the Year 2018. Link:

David Burrowes: He is another British Politician who owns a Labrador Retriever named Cholmeley. He has been a regular contender at the Westminster Dog of the Year awards. Link: