Top 5 News About Dogs in United Kingdom

We are surrounded by many of these unsung heroes. Mostly dogs are not taken care of but they are still on of the best pet and man’s best friend and no other pet animal can take its place.

Some of the updated dog news in UK is:

• A good news for some and a bad news for others. The bill has been paid and from the animal rights to charge £100 bill, so the owners avoid dumping their pet animals. This will encourage the owners to be more responsible pet owners. Link:

• The list of the most famous dog breeds in 2019 has been released. Every year the Kennel Club researches and collects information to prepare the list. This year, the second place was taken by the French Bulldog. To know the first place of the most favorite breed of 2019, follow the Link:

• A dachshund dog was lost in a dangerous Australian Bushfire until the firemen found him and posted about it on Twitter. The owner came forward and he was delighted to see his dog unhurt. Link:

• The German Shepherd Axel was awarded by the PDSA, the vet charity when he was stabbed and injured at the duty when he was tracking and catching the criminal. Link:

• There is a law for everything except for the most common crime, which is, pet theft. The law needs to recognize that it is not something small but can be hard and hurtful for the pet owners and by setting a law firm it, they will help so many people from it. Link: